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X-Bull Recovery Tracks

Are the NEW X-Bull Gen 3 Recovery Traction Boards Better than Gen 2?
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We have given the 2nd generation X-Bull recovery mats much use and abuse over the past couple years. We were looking to buy some replacements just as the 3rd gens became available. We snatched up a pair to see if this new design has solved our issues with the 2nd gen. Check out the video to get our take on the new 3rd gens.

While we have not yet put the new gen 3 tracks to the test, we will list below our likes and dislikes of the 2nd gen:

LIKES: A fraction of the cost compared to name brand tracks such as MaxTrax. Good initial contact and grab with the tires. Can get your rig unstuck without all the effort of pulling winch line.

DISLIKES: The gen 2 treads tend to snap off (3rd gens may solve that problem). Don't stack as tightly as MaxTrax.

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