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GAIA GPS Discount


Narrow Road Adventures is pleased to offer a 20% Discount on Gaia GPS! We’ve been using it for years and it is hands-down the best app for off-road navigation out there!

We use Gaia for all of our trip planning & route tracking for off-road travel, backpacking, mountain biking, & even snowboarding. Enjoy! Let us know if you have any questions.

Pre-plot your planned adventure and record your travels as you go. Download your map area before you travel to a low cell signal area so you can navigate even when no signal is available. Your phone's GPS will continue to track you even when there is no phone or data reception.

Along with smartphone and tablet application (Apple & Android), it is also able to be accessed by computer which is great for planning out an adventure on a larger device. The routes will sync among all your devices.

There are many maps to choose from and multiple maps can be overlaid and viewed together. We highly recommend the Premium membership subscription as it allows you access to more maps, specifically the "Public Land" map. The Public Land map overlay shows where land is public vs privately owned so you know where you're allowed to camp (when dispersed camping is allowed in public land areas).

Another beneficial premium map is the "USFS Roads & Trails" overlay. This map overlay highlights and gives info on some of the lesser known paths, forest trails, and snowmobile routes within the national forests. It offers info as to their surface condition and if they are open or closed. One benefit is knowing where the snowmobile routes are so they can be bypassed in winter travel by vehicles. Note, this overlay gives info on seasonal routes maintained by the US Forest Service only, not those maintained by the state & county level.

Also, a valuable addition is to import to Gaia the Michigan ORV Routes. These routes can be individually downloaded on the MI DNR website or, we have compiled all the routes into a single GPX file download, you can download the file (for Free) by clicking here:  Michigan ORV Routes GPX File

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