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Overlanding the Michigan Manistee Forest

Overlanding the Michigan Manistee Forest
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Discovering the diverse terrain in the Huron-Manistee National Forest in Michigan as we traveled down its ORV routes and camped in its backcountry. Ending the weekend with some relaxation on Ludington Beach.

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GPX File of a compilation of all (or most) of Michigan's ORV Routes. These GPX routes were compiled from the MI DNR website. Click the "GPX Files" image to be directed to Dropbox where the GPX files can be downloaded and uploaded to view on Google Earth, Phone GPS apps, or any GPS that accepts GPX files.

NOTE: These are just the MI ORV Routes. "ORV Routes" are able to be traveled by vehicles, ATVs, UTVs, & cycles (unless otherwise marked). "ORV Trails" are ONLY able to be traveled by ATVs, UTVs, &/or cycles (unless otherwise marked). ORV Permits are required to travel on any ORV routes & trails.

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NOTICE: These GPX files and videos were created and published only for entertainment purposes and as a method for documenting our travels. They are not intended to be used as a guide for others' travels nor are they a recommendation for a path to travel or places to camp; therefor, Narrow Road Adventures will not be held liable. Some routes have dead ends or may not be passable. Do not assume that the places we camped are places permitted to be camped at. Again, this is not a guide nor a recommendation for travels. One must perform their own due diligence and know that where they camp is legal and proper.

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