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Vehicle Window Screens

IMG_6536 (2).jpeg

As seen in our Michigan Overland Route Exploration Part 1 video, this is the rear door screens Taylor used on his Grand Cherokee. Keep the bugs out and fresh air in! This is a universal accessory that would work on most SUVs and trucks. You simply open your door and slide the mesh pocket over the top of your door. There is included adhesive hook & loop (AKA Velcro) to stick on the inside of your door edge to attach your mesh/screen to, helping keep it down when opening your door. Elastic band at the bottom keeps it snug against the door.

LIKES: It allows the windows to be open and keep the bugs out! Universal and stretchy so it can be used on any of my SUVs. Great for sleeping in the vehicle. Very inexpensive. 

DISLIKES: Material is soft so it could snag or rip fairly easily.

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