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Rooftop Awning

$120 eBay Vehicle Rooftop Awning Review - 4K
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As reviewed on YouTube, the budget eBay/Amazon non-branded rooftop vehicle awning. The seller we purchased ours from no longer sells this product but from reviews of other viewers most all of these non-branded awnings are identical. These come in both grey and tan and 3 different sizes. Ours is 6.6 ft x 8.2 ft.

LIKES: A fraction of the cost of name brand awnings. Blocks out sun & rain. Quick to setup. Has held up well for the past 2 years.

DISLIKES: Can be a little tricky to setup as one person. Some reviewers have compared it to not being a heavy duty as the more expensive name-brand awnings.

Watch video for my likes/dislikes.

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