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Michigan Adventure Route (M.A.R.)

By Narrow Road Adventures

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MAR Map1.png

The Michigan Adventure Route (M.A.R.) by Narrow Road Adventures - Phase 1 being the Manistee National Forest coming soon. It will be approximately 180 miles. Once Phase 1 is complete it will be available for GPX file download here. The second Phase of the MAR will be continuing the route north to the Mackinac Bridge.


This route will primarily be comprised of seasonal dirt roads (2-track trails), some gravel roads, and minimal paved roads. The heavily traveled ORV Routes will be avoided. A license plate will be the only requirement to travel this route.

Some fun activities and points of interest will be marked. We also plan to work with local small businesses for traveler discounts. Discounts will be offered here as they become available.

If you know of some great trails, points of interest, or camping spots that would be a good addition to the route please let us know! If you are a local business owner looking to offer traveler discounts please contact us at:

Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube for updates and progress details!

Michigan Overland Route Exploration & Group Meetup
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Route exploration for the creation of the Michigan Overland Route and a trail ride/campout meetup with the Michigan Overland group.