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Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks Chainsaw.jpg

A cordless electric chainsaw!?! That can't be good! ...or can it?!

As lithium batteries continue to improve we see more and more powerful electrical equipment come into the market and onto the overland scene. These electric chainsaws have been under-rated in overland but are just starting to pick up in popularity. Greenworks has become one of the best values in lawn and garden power equipment.

Previous to this saw, I had owned a couple Poulan Pro gas chainsaws. I got tired of the hassles  of the gas saws not starting due to bad gas, to much oil in the mixture, carburetor gummed up, running too rich or too lean, etc. For no more than we would use it, primarily on adventures and the occasional home spring cleanup, these issues were frequent.

Finally, after hearing positive reports of electric saws and assessing them to be a possible solution to my frustrations, we did our research and eventually, settled on Greenworks. We found it to be more affordable compared to other brands, great reviews, and the size we were looking for.

Now, having used it for over a year we are pleased with that decision. It is great not to have to mess with gas, especially mixed gas, out in field. We carry two batteries, an AC charger, DC power inverter, 2 spare chains, & bottle of bar & chain oil. It requires no tool to swap out the chains. When we need to clear a fallen tree from the trail we just push the power button, squeeze the trigger and cut. No rope pulling, primer squeezing, or choke flipping. We can store it in the vehicle without gas or exhaust smell. It is very quiet so we don't draw attention to ourselves while out in the forest.

We like the saw so much, we ended up buying more Greenworks power tools:

LIKES: Easy and quick to use. Quiet and scentless. Low maintenance & reliable. Enough power to cut through 16" of tree.

DISLIKES: Just like all chainsaws, it still tends to slowly leak a little bar oil. Not as much torque as gas saws, chain can get pinched easier. More expensive than low-end gas saws.

Click the Amazon links above for more info and to purchase your own. Thank you for using our affiliate links and helping support what we do.

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