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2-Burner Camp Stoves


We have owned both of these camp stoves. The Coleman Triton (right) we purchased in 2016 and in 2019 we replaced it with the Camp Chef Everest (left). The version of the Triton stove we owned did not have the built-in igniter (which is a nice added feature). The Triton took a lot of use and abuse and always performed as intended until the day we sold it. It is more inexpensive than the Everest and is a good buy for the 1-2 times a year camper. The reason we switched to the Everest was for two reasons: for better simmer control and better in windy conditions.

Camp Chef Everest

LIKES: Easier to simmer, better control of flame/heat. Better in wind with wind guard cups around burner. Solid construction. Built in igniter.

DISLIKES: Clips to hold lid shut are plastic, not as rugged as the Triton's metal latch. The side flaps can be a little tricky to attach/detach from lid. More expensive than Triton.

Coleman Triton +

LIKES: Metal latch to keep lid closed. Adjustable wind guard flaps. Fairly sold construction. Built in igniter. Fairly inexpensive.

DISLIKES: Burner is hard to adjust to a slow/low simmer. In strong winds it can take a while to cook and flame can blow out. 

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