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12v Overland Fridge

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At the time of this review, March 2020, we have owned and used this Costway fridge for over a year. Having a fridge has been fantastic! It is one of the best "luxury" item purchases we have made. It beats using a cooler and dealing with all the hassles of ice and soggy food. The fridge is also far better than the Igloo 12v chiller cooler we used prior to this. The chiller used twice the power, cooled far slower, and only cooled the cooler temp about 30 degrees (F) lower than ambient air temp; so 80*F ambient temp would make the cooler about 50*F. By the forth day of our Michigan UP trip we had spoiled rancid meat.


This Costway is a TRUE fridge! Set the temperature you want, once the temp drops 3* below the set temp the compressor will kick on and continue the cooling cycle until it is 3* above your temp setting. It will then end the cooling cycle, just like your house fridge. It can display either Fahrenheit or Celsius. There is two power settings: Max mode which cools the fastest to get the fridge up to temp and Eco mode which is best for energy savings. It has 3 battery protection settings, by a switch on the back near the power cord, to make sure it doesn't run your battery too low. We ran it off our deep-cycle battery for 15 hours while camped over night (average 60*F ambient) and the battery was still at a safe level and vehicle started just fine. At start up it uses about 45 watts at 3.5 amps and then in about 30 seconds it drops to about 25 watts at 2 amps until the compressor shuts off.

It includes the 12v power cord with cigarette plug as well as a 110v AC power inverter for home or campground power source. For the main compartment there is a basket with a removable divider which is handy for accessing items or removing everything in the case something were to spill. We also have loaded everything we are going to take on a trip into the basket, kept it in our home fridge until leaving home. The automatic light in the fridge is nice for night time snacking. It runs very quietly, just the light sound of a fan blowing.

For even more fridge insulation and power efficiency we purchased the  Smittybilt Fridge Transit Bag. Everything lined up perfectly and does a great job protecting the fridge. It was even better quality than expected.


We also purchased the Tuff Stuff 4x4 locking fridge slide for easier access from the back of our vehicle. It is heavy duty and fits the fridge nicely. It is a little longer and slightly wider than the fridge. It includes tie-down straps and a solid one-handed locking lever on the left.

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